Testosterone deficiency/low t

When a male has Testosterone Deficiency, commonly known as “LOW T”, it means his testosterone is below normal levels. The medical term is hypogonadism. It‘s natural for men to produce less testosterone as they age. However, it‘s not natural for testosterone to fall below 300 ng/dL.

What causes testosterone deficiency? Low T can happen when there is a communication problem between the brain and the testes that causes a drop in the amount of testosterone that is being produced. Coincidentally, if the brain feels that there is too much testosterone in the body, it can signal the testes to cut production. Another common reason Low T can occur is that your body simply can‘t produce enough testosterone due to a defect in the testes.

Testosterone Deficiency is a medical condition known as hypogonadism. Signs of hypogonadism include;

  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Decreased Sense of Well-Being
  • Depressed Mood
  • Difficulties with Concentration and Memory
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Fortunately, Vitality trained doctors and staff can perform a medical exam including a blood test to tell if patients hace testosterone deficiency, hypogonadism. Vitality‘s staff can also decide if treatment options such as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) could help bring the T levels back to normal.