Signs & SymptomsDecreased Energy

Signs & Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency / Low T?


Decreased Energy

Some males may assume loss of energy is just a part of getting older. However, it may not just be a sign of aging – low energy may also be a symptom of testosterone deficiency.

Some men with testosterone deficiency may experience daily fatigue. Men who lack energy due to Low T may even find it difficult to do routine tasks, like walking up the steps. If you have testosterone deficiency, you may find it harder to feel like exercising.

It's not just about having low energy; Testosterone deficiency can cause some men to feel tired and sleepy during the day when previously they would have been awake and ready to go.

If you don't have the same energy you used to and you have some of the other symptoms listed here, you may have low testosterone. To find out more, take our ADAM QUIZ below and schedule an appointment.